【og电子竞技网站官网网站】研究表明 学龄前儿童接触联网设备的人数有所增加

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【og电子竞技网站官网网站】研究表明 学龄前儿童接触联网设备的人数有所增加 本文摘要:Three out of four children under-five now has access to a tablet, smartphone or computer, according to a study.一项研究表明,在五岁下列的儿童中,有3/4的儿童现如今必须了解到平板、智能机或电脑上。


Three out of four children under-five now has access to a tablet, smartphone or computer, according to a study.一项研究表明,在五岁下列的儿童中,有3/4的儿童现如今必须了解到平板、智能机或电脑上。Market researcher Childwise asked more than 1,000 UK parents about their pre-schooler offsprings media habits.市场调研组织Childwise就儿童儿女用于新闻媒体的习惯性告之了1000多位美国父母。It said three-quarters of the children had access to a connected device and most of the three- and four-year-olds had their own tablet or PC.该科学研究觉得,四分之三的儿童能够用于连接网络机器设备,大部分三至四岁的儿童都是有自身的平板或个人计算机。


The increasing use of connected devices by preschoolers this year may reflect growing access to on-demand services, especially subscription-based options such as Netflix, which has quickly risen through the ranks over the last three to four years, said research manager Jenny Ehren.调查主管珍妮·埃伦答复:“2020年,正处在儿童的儿童更为多地用于互联网技术机器设备,这有可能反映出有大家更为多地务必开播业务流程,尤其是像Netflix那般可定阅者的服务项目,此项服务项目在近三到四年持续增长很快。”Overall, the study indicated that children were typically spending an average of two hours and 48 minutes a day -- up from two hours and 36 minutes last year and two hours and 24 minutes in 2014 -- watching video content in all its forms.总体来说,该研究表明,如今儿童均值每日要花上2小时48分钟的時间在欣赏各种各样方式的视頻內容上,而上年是2小时36分鐘,二零一四年则是2小时24分鐘。But boys were said to watch for longer periods of time.可是男孩儿看的時间要更长一些。


Voice-recognition gadgets such as Apples Siri and Amazons Alexa were also said to be increasingly popular with the age group.像iPhone的Siri和amazon的Alexa那样的视频语音识别实用工具,在该年龄层的儿童中也日渐普及化。But the children remain interested in offline activities too. And there was an increase in the number of parents reporting their children were engaged in arts and crafts and going to the library outside of school.但是儿童依然对线下推广活动很感兴趣。